One Off Cleaning North West London

Reliable one-off cleaning service is at hand
One-off cleaning by Britania Cleaning Services is the perfect choice if you want to have your premises or home revitalised, spotless, well presented and neat. We understand the importance of thorough one-off cleaning. It does not only leave it clean, but also guarantees a healthy environment for you, your family, children and pets. If done at your premises, it assures a welcoming and professional environment for your staff, clients and visitors, making a lasting impression. Britania Cleaning Services is situated in Wembley and for more than 13 years has been providing excellent value and high quality one-off cleaning services in a wide variety of North West London postcodes. We pride in ourselves on providing a timely and high quality service.

Saving you time and money
We have the required firsthand knowledge and experience to address any one-off cleaning requirement, including any urgent ones. Many find the prospects of a thorough one-off cleaning off-putting. Worry not, help is now at hand! Britania Cleaning Services will save you precious time and a lot of money, allowing you to spend more time with your family and loved ones. No job is too big for Britania Cleaning Services. We have a dedicated one-off cleaning service to match your requirements. Our one-off cleaning package comes included with all the necessary and highest quality cleaning materials. We make sure our one-off cleaning service is done to the highest standards and thoroughness.

Competitive rates, no binding contract
Our one-off cleaning service does not bind you into a contract. Our experienced team and the account managers which will assigned to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction will be able to discuss any further needs if you require any additional following services. We offer competitive rates, highly experienced cleaners and friendly service. Our cleaners are fully entitled to work in the UK and we train them to the highest standards. We make sure they will treat your home or premises with the utmost care and dedication.

We take a methodical approach to our one-off cleaning service, looking at a variety of places, that include, but are not restricted only to the following:

We will make sure your cupboards are clean from inside and outside. We clean fridges, cookers, microwaves, ovens windows, surfaces and more.

We will wipe your surfaces, de-scale your bath and shower, clean tiles, sink, toilets and mirrors.

Living room
We will clean furniture for you upon request, as well as your skirting boards, wipe radiators, frames, lump shades, light switches, doors and fireplace.

We will clean your wardrobes, drawers, tops and surfaces, as well as skirting boards, picture frames, windows and floor.

Hallway and dining room
We will clean your floor, doors, picture frames, skirting boards and more.

Free quote
To request a free, no obligation one-off cleaning quote from Britania Cleaning Services click here or call us now on 020 8902 5749.